Wednesday, July 25, 2012

24 July, Week 7 MTC

I cannot believe that 2 weeks from today I will be sitting on a plane on my way to CArlsbad California!!!! AHH It is so exciting and so intimidating and EVERYTHING at the same time! 

Anywho, this week has been great. I can't believe how fast it has gone by.  greatness. Cesar was not baptized this on Saturday though...had to push that back...whoops;) But we are learnign from our mistakes and trying our best to do better everyday. I would say that he will be baptized this saturday but he is going to be out of town until next week...meaning another WHOLE week of waiting. Bummer...but HE will be baptized before I leave the MTC...pretty darn sure. I am feeling very rushed today and I feel like I have sOO much to say!  First off, last week we got to clean the Provo Temple...any Guesses as to what we Hermanas got to clean?  ....????????????????
Well it was awesome!! WE got to clean the Chandelier in the Celestial room!  It was amazing and I loved LOVEd LOVED it! 

This week I have been focusing a lot on my faith. Especially as these last 2 weeks in the MTC are coming to a close, I have been feeling fear for actually going out into the real world.  I am comfortable here, and I find myself thinking often, "I'm not ready to leave! I don't know spanish well enough, I can't teach well enough y et!" but I've realized that no matter how long i stay here, I am ALWAYS going to think that. We have been talking a lot about this lately and I really need to improve on this.  BAsically what I have learned is that when we say we aren't ready, or doubt what the Lord has planned for us, we are in essence saying, I know better than you.  My fears are more improtant than your plans for me.   Um hi, FALSE!!!!  How can I, a 21 year old girl, think that I could Possibly know better than the Lord? Of course he knwo what I need, I  basically need to just get over myself and go forward in faith!  WE had a devotional on Sunday that was basically all focused on the message of the hymn "Come Come Ye Saints". AWeseme.  Let me share some of the lyrics with you: "Come come ye Saints, noTOIL nor LABOR FEAR, but with JOY, wend your way. Though jhard to you, this journey may appear (very hard in my eyes), Garce shall be as your day.  Do this and joy, year heart will swell, all is WELL, all is well! (Verse 2 ) Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard? Tis NOT so, all is well. Why should we think to e arn a great reward, if we now shum the fight? Gird up your loins, FRESH COURAGE take, our God will NEVER us forsake!" Oh what joy we get from serving the LOrd! Things may seem hard right now, or as we look to the funkown future, but aLL IS WELL! Fresh courage take, and march forward with a steadfast faith in Christ ( 2N 31: 20) and all is well!  Oh how I Love my SAvior JEsus Christ! WHere would I be without Him?... I h onestly cannot say, for I cannot comprehend all He has doen for me.  What joy we have to have this Gospel ihere on this wEArth in our lives! I know with ALL of my heart and Soul that this is the true work of Christ! Ph happy day to be able to serve Him for 18 months! I love you all! Thank you all forbeing such great examples of courage and steadfastness isn Christ in my life. WE have so much to be thatnkful for!

DAd- I'm sorry that you are in pain recovering from your surgery! But I hope that it is all worth it in the end to aleieviate you pain for long term!  Mom- I am fine with you moving, it will definitely be a little weird coming homw to a house I have never lived in before, but it's only around the corner:)  EXcited for you all and keep me updated!  AND you got a MAC too? Woah ababy! Is it  a desktop or a laptop? Exctiing!

CAmi and TAra- So sorry I forgot to mention your birthdays! Btu happy bbelated birthday  to you both ! Love you so and thanks for being such a great exampel to me alywas!!!  Cami- got your pics thatnks so much, what a good looking fam you have ! So glad porter is doing better!
Jami - Hahahahahaha Ruby's chicken's name made me laugh SO hard! AUrora Barnaby Snow White Ebony Cocoa! Hehehe so grteat! Love your girls and thei imaginations!  AH I am out of time, but I love you all! AL- congrats on selling your first bookat the farmners market! Love ya Liove ya Kate too!

Love Hermana Whicker

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