Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving (2 Dec, Week 4, Transfer 12)

Well what a miracle that the Doctors found the source of the infection for Katie!  That is such a blessing. Hopefully all goes well with the things they are going to do on the 6th and they'll be able to plan to get it removed asap and in an easy way.

Thanksgiving was great here!  We went to the Cuevas family and they made everythign for us...we are seriously SO SPOILED.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I know they have so little and I don't want them to spend their money on me or us, but no matter what we say they just give and give and give.  They have such big hearts.  I love them.  AND they were our ONLY Thanksgiving meal this year...I was so grateful.  We deliberatley didn't let anyone else get us to their house because of last year's experience.  # dinners last year. It was horrid.  but the poeple were so great...but it was SOOOOO much food.

This week has been a rough one in regaurds to be able to see investigators.  EVERYONE And their mom cancelled on us. So you'd think because we didn't get a lot of lessons that we'd get a lot of street contacts...but that as well was lower than normal. Just a little rough, but hopefully things will go better this week. 

Susana, didn't come to church yesterday...I was more than a little unhappy...We stopped by in the morning to make sure they were going to come like they had told us they would, but her sister said they were in Fallbrook at the park....AT THE PARK. (fallbrook is like 40 minutes away)  So silly. People just don't open their eyes and see the Full potenicial that they have and then  they go to the park instead of church....silly.  but it's okay. She will get there eventually.

Allen however, is doing so GREAT! he will get baptized next Saturday- and last night we had dinner with their whole family- it was a miracle.  It has been so cool to see their whole familiy progress and come back into the church. I love it!! We are going to start settign up the baptismal program and Allen is getting excited. 

The city had a huge Chirstmas celebration this Saturday and we were asked to help do service to get it all set up- so we hung lights in the trees and set up Chirstmas trees and all that jazz. It was really fun. Then they asked us to be there to usher and so we got to talk to a lot of people. We weren't allowed to proselyte unless they asked us about the Church. But about half of the people there are members already- there are lots of Mormons here in Murrieta- it's kinda crazy. Except most of them are English speaking:)  But it was fun- there's a picture attached for that by one of trees that we help set up.  There are also some other pictures too, just funny/silly ones. 

I tell ya- the time is FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try not to think about it because it is distracting, but I AM excited to see all of your lovely faces in just a few short weeks. I think I forgot how close it was until Cami said the number of days left------CRAZY.  Everyone in the ward found out that I am leaving soon and that is ALL they ask about...silly people.  They are good  intended, but a bit insensitive to ask me if I've started Packing yet...thank you Branch President Del Gaiso.  He thinks he's so funny. So with that everyone likes to give their own 2 cents of advice of how to adjust and how it will be hard and everything....I guess I just picture everythign just being nice and perfect when I get home and the blessings that will come, but I never really imagine that it will be THAT difficult.  I'm sure I will get a bit of a shock and a reality check when that happens... but for now I am completely content being a missionary:) 

But I am glad that all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and I hope you counted all of your blessings.  WE really are such a blessed people...we forget that all too often.  I love you all and Hope you have an awesome week and an awesome beginning to this Chirstmas season! 

Con mucho amor!

_Hna Whicker

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