Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh the Weather outside is frightful…(I know…I'm a wimp) (9 Dec, Week 5, Transfer 12)

First off- can I just say how happy I am that a member gave us a Chirst centered Chirstmas Cd:)  So now we can listen to Christmas music on the way to our appointments...I LOVE IT. 


Can you believe it is DEcember 9th?????????

I don't even know what to say.  3 days ago was my 1 1/2 year mark as a missionary. We just happened to have a Mission Leadership Council on that exact day and Hna Lythgoe brought us cupcakes....well Just Me, Her, and Han Halling and Andrus that all went into the MTC onthe same day.  So attached is that picture:)  It was fun. The second picture is how we feel everynight after nightly palnning. I tell ya, my age may only saythat I am 22, but I sure feel like I've got the body of a Grandmother...always sore in some part and creaky in another, etc, etc, 

REality is lslowly hitting...  The best way I can describe it is like a slow acting poisen.  (and don't be offended by me using these words b/c I don't relate coming home to poisen). I know that I will be coming home very soon- but it still isn't real to me.  I can't quite wrap my head around it still- I can feel that I am ready though. I still feel peaceful about it at this point, but it's creeping up on me. That is all. I am SO grateful that we have a BAPTISM this saturday!!!! Allen is awesome. He had his baptismal interview and before Elder Olvera even started asking him questions, Allen started teachign him about everything he had was bomb:) 

So miracle story------ WE were walking in the freezing cold the other day. Our appointment fell through and we were walking to another apartment complex and this lady turns corner with a small child.  ( In my mind I'm thinking YESSSSSS She speaks spanish.  WE talk to everyone despite their language, but it's always more exciting in Spanish AND they are always kinder;)  So we start chattign with this lady and we invited her to come to our free englsih class that we give twice a week at our church building. She immediately bursts into tears....and we were a little shocked not sure what was causing these tears. She porceeds to tell us about her daughter that just died and the funeral had been just 2 days earlier. She said that she wants to come to church and that she wasn't sure why God had put us in her path, but she knew that it was GOd.  WE taught her a little bit about the plan of salvation right then and there and we have a return appointment to come back and teach her more. It was a mircale:) Hopefully all goes well!!!

Hna Painter is starting to freak out a bit. She is nervous to stay in the area and lead it.  And to have a new companion. And worried about her spanish progressing without me. She will do just great, she is just a little nervous.  She is however, very thrilled to be receinginall of my missionary wardrobe.  I honestly plan to bring home the clothes on my back...I am tired of my grody clothes, but I am glad they can make someone else so happy. Good thing we are pretty close in sizes:)

A family in our Branch drove through ST. George on their way up to BEar Lake for Thanksgiving and stayed there a few weeks- so they told me yesterday that SG had a whole lot of snnow....I can tell you right now I am going to freeze. I have become a wimp when it comes to all things cold. REally. It's like45 degrees outside and I am dying. that'll be awhole new adjustment!!! 

I have no idea who has my name for Christmas- BUT I really don't want anything- I already feel spoiled. The only thing that I am in need in is of lotion...a nice sweet pea lotion form bath and body works would be nice:)

Well that is really all I have to say for today. This week is going to fly by....baptism, Zone Training mTg, BRanch Christmas party, etc. Before I know it next wed will be here!  BUT There's lots to do still before that:)  Love you all tons! Thanks for loving me and supporting me in everything. Have an aweome week!!!!!!!

_HErmana Whicker

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