Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Well the tradition continues...(23 Sept, Week 6, Transfer 10)

Well...this darn computer just erased my whole this'll be a quick re cap.

Starting tomorrow at 4 pm I will once again begin another journey of whitewashing.  Not only whiewashing, but whitewash TRAINING. You betcha.  Yours truly gets to train her last 2 transfers on the mission. And there is about a 99.9% chance that I will be going to english work as well. There is only 1 spanish sister coming in out of 14. and there were 4 spanish sisters called to train. Which means that 3 of them will be going to English work. And I am most likely to go...because I am the oldest in the mission and they don't think I'll lose my spanish.  SO, needless to say IT will be an adventure!!!!

But, since I am training, I am glad that we will be whtewashing.  Even though it is hard, it automatically puts the trainer and the greenie on equal ground. And I very muuch appreciated that when I was being trained. 

I am excited, really I am, but I just get tired and weak even thinking about it. My body just can't handle this for much longer. I'll be definitely running on adrenaline the next few weeks and hopefulyl my body can accustom to the weight and stress that will come. 

Yesterday was a great day. I felt like a celebrity at church...seriously, we took about 50 pictures after church yesterday! It was sad to say goodbye, but it was just so great because there was so much LOVE. I love these people. I will miss them lots, but it is good. It's time to go.  Hna Lythgoe will stayhere and train a new STL and I will still carry on my STL responsibilities over the next few transfers. So it'll be good. We'll still get to see each other at meetings and such, but it will be sad to be separated.  

I got a blessing from my district leader last night and it was really great.  He's most definitley the best district leader I've had on the mission- just very humble and really the best leader. WEll, actually this has probably been the best district I've been in on the mission thus far. Anyways, both hna L and I got blessings and it was a powerful experience.  I've felt a little down, not down, well yeah...down just from the numbers that we've had in this area. Numerically we have had like ZERO successs.  IRonically, this has probably been on e of my favorite areas, despite the difficulty of the work.  but in the blessign it said that HEavenly Father was plwased with the work I have done here in this area adn the lives that I have been able to help.  He blessed me that I will be able to comtinue to Thrive in my bext area and to be able to give my  new companion all the help that she will need. That was comforting. Because I am just tired.  And i want this new missionary to get all she deserves from her mission- and sometimes I question if I'll be able to give that to her. but it was a great experince, very comforting and uplifting. I am SO grateful for the power of the priesthood!!  Where would we be withoout it? Not here, I can tell ya that much!!

Oh my goodness. If I do go to English work I am going to miss spanish work SO much!! The people are generally just more loving:)  And More hilarious. Especially when it comes to speaking in sacrament meeting. For example: When will I ever again have the opportunity to listen to an old mexican man open his talk by singing a hymn with perscription sunglasses on his face at the top of his lungs while the Organ..not the piano...the organ accompanies him? With his 5 year old son bringing his collection of toy dinosaurs and setting them up on the ppulpit for the whole congregation to see? Oh it was quite entertaining:)

WEll those are the highlights from this week. 

Oh except we picked up a new investigator last night be is 11 and his name is Christain. He's awesome. He WILL be baptized. We talked about prayer and how we can always talk to our heavenly Father whenever we want/need him. Then we talked about how there are lots of churches and he asked, "Ya know, I've always wondered which church is true...THAT"S MY QUESTION! All my friends at school go to different churches, and I don't get it. "  Golden! wish I was staying here to teach him.  But that's okay:)  Hna Lythgoe will get himthere:)

Mother- Hna Sheffield is sitting right next to me and wants me to tell you that she says hello and that she loves you.  She thinks you are likethe perfect mother- just so loving:) She also says that stems from the fact that I am her mission mother:) I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been doing very well health wise. I hope that you can get over it quickly and that the medicine helps! Bummer about the Air conditioning and the water heater...sounds like it was quite the week!

Tara- That's sweet that you get to coach Audge's vb team! So fun. I can't remember any drills sorry... and I don't have time to think of any sorry! but you'll do great:) TEll Audge that she looks great on the volleybal outfit and to keep it up!

Jame- good luck getting everything ready for your Santa Clara days! How is Addie's ankle doing? I hope well:) 

AL- bummer that WAde got Croup.  Sounds not fun at all. Hope he get's over it fast!!

CAm- How did Porter break the night light? He really is one mischevious child! CAn't wait to meet him in december along with hank who I haven't met yet either!!

Dad and Kate- Hope to hear from you next week:) Hope all is going well! Love you!

WEll I love and miss you all! I really appreciate all of your prayers, love, encouragement, and letters that I get fom all of you!  I really do have the best family and friends:)  Time is up!  The Gospel is the same in English and Spanish, so I'll be happy wherever I go!! Con mucho Amor!

-Love, Hna Whicker

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