Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"That's because I love ya" (7 Oct, Week 2, Transfer 11)

Hello familia

First off before I forget, next Monday is Columbus day- so our Pday has been moved to Tuesday.  So don't expect anythign from me until then.

It has been a great week this week.  We have set 3 baptismal dates! Miracels!!! It is really cool to see actually. WE set a  date with another 9 year old of a less active family who is just starting to come back to church! he wants to be baptized so badly!  We just have to work with his dad to come back to church, b/c Allen, the 9 yr old, wants his dad to baptize him. So that should be great!  Then we also set 2 dates with 2 young boys, William andGabriel who were being taught before we got here. We went in had a sweet lesson on the REstauracion and the need and power of baptism and they BOTH want to be baptized. being under age though, we have to have permission from their parents.  So, the mom got home right at that very moment- we talked to her about it, and she just gave her permission RIGHT THEN AND THERE! Oh it was a miracle!! Never, have I ever been able to get permission from a parent to easily- it takes MONTHS and so much work and prayer and fasting, it just seemed too easy! but it was GREAT! We are actually trying to have a lesson with the Mom, AMy this weekwe are going to invite her to be baptized with her sons! The only problem is that her husband and the kid's dad was deported, so they go to Tiujauna (TJ) alsmot every weekend to see him. So we'll have to work with that and see if we can't get them to churc h a couple of times  and feel the SPirit!  So we are excited about that. Hna Painter is improving a lot. She is a little miss Chatty Kathy, I can tell you that!  She just has so much to say that she has a tendency to jump in and cut me off in lessons mid sentence and get distracted on other topics because her mind is just going 1 million miles per minute.  It is good, and it will get better with time a we are PRACTICING hard core. :)

Conference was just joyful wasn't it?  There were many a good talks. I particularly like Eduard Dube's  talk on FAith and looking towards the future and not looking back. It's been easy to make comparisons that aren't fair lately... like comparing other areas to this one and other companions to current, and those just really aren't applicable.  I need to stop looking bakc, and look forward to what the Lord has given me here and now and make the best of it.  So that is my goal:)

I also really loved Terrence Vinson's talk. The part that really hit me was when he was telling the story of when he and Elder Holland were giving missionary assignments and as they left the room after they finished, Elder holland put his arm around bro Vinson's. Bro Vinson made some comment about how that had happened which Elder holland replied, "That's because I love ya.".  Such a simple sentence, but it hit me hard. I imagined walking and having our Heavenly Father put His arms around me and say exaclty the same thing, "That's because I love ya".  He loves us sooooo much.  He loves us so much that he sent his Son to die for us.  What greater love can there be?  just imagining Him in such a REAL way, just touched me and made me appreciate all the belssings I have. Especially the blessing we have of prayer. WE can communicate with him anytime, anyplace, for any amount of time. Talk about an UNLIMITED PLAN!!   I am just filled with Love at the thought. 

I was also looking for Katie in the crowdsin both of the Saturday sessions. no such luck though;) 

Yes mom, I did get you package! Thanks for the skirt and the clothes.  I love the skirt!!  The shirts, are good too:) I appreaciate it!  But, there is no need to send me any more things...I won't have much room in my luggage:) But I do appreciat ethe thought!   I hope you shingles are gettign better...they sound like they are horrible! I am sorry that you have to endure such pain. What is the cause?  And I've been taking the vitamins and such that you sent me.  I think they are hepling which is good!

Any news DAd- on being able to split the JROTC program into 2 yet? That'd be sweet.  Hope you can make it happen!

That is so fun that Lins will be there with you all for the Senior games!  Tell her I say hello and that I love her!

Jame- I couldn't open the attatchments of the fam pics you took, but sounds like they were great:)  Glad to hear that you are having success in your KITCHEN! So exciting:) And exciting that you have all these fair events that you can sell your stuff at. That's great:)

CAm- Thatnks for the halloween package you sent:)  We've been munching on the candy the last few days! Your hip isn't doing well? Hmm that's not good.  Almost the whole time I was comapnions with Hna Lythgoe she had some serious hip problems.  Verdict was that her SI joint tended to pop out too often and she had to go to the Chiropracter to get it in place again and then the physical therapist gave her a bunch of excerices to help her strengthen it. She had to wear an elastic band around her knees and do side to side squats down the sidewalk. It seemed to help....but I  don't really know anything...good thing you amrried Shane:)

Tara- Nice. ATM/ MTC pretty much the same thing right?:) haha I got a good laugh out of that one!  WE passed a tow truck yesterday that had "MTC" all over it!  it was an abbreviatioin for "Matthew's Towing Company"or something, but it was pretty funny:) Wish I would have had my camera with me! 

Ali- nice story about the missionaries:) So do you have elders and sisters in your ward now?

Oh Dad- I keep forgetting. CAn you ask the Kelsch's for the address of MaryAnn? It's Michelle's sister  that I worked with at Fitness Ridge. She's come to my mind a couple times recently and I want to write her, but I have no way to get ahold of her. That'd be lovely. Thanks!

 Well that is really all I have time to say today. I love you all! Hope all is well and that everyone can stay healthy this week:)  until next week!!!!!!

-Hna Whicker

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