Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Milagro 19 March, Week 3, Transfer 6

I feel like I start every single email with the word Wow.  Well - sorry about that- but it's just always so applicable! Especially today...


IRIS got Baptized on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is the mother of Andrea in Mission Viejo:)  Ah when I found out I just died- and immediately burst into tears!  It was so joyful I just couldn't contain it!!!  I am so dang happy for her!  I wish I could have been there- but that is okay, all that matters is that she took the step and I am just SOOOOOOOO excited!!! I Love it. I love her!!    Aw. The best!

Anywho- things here are good in Escondido. We are a workin'!  Pretty much all of our lessons fell through this week, but it's okay, we are still going!!  Hna Sheffield is getting more into the missionary life, and we are getting better at teaching together- so that is nice. 

This week has been a little bit of a struggle in teaching in the sense that we have had difficulties Controlling our lessons....some people just TALK! Talk so dang much!  and you try to cut them off and bring it all back...but it just doesn't work. I am a true believer in asking inspired questions to investigators during lessons, but I have had to avoid that all week- because peeps just go off on tangents...oh well.. we are working on it:)  One step at a time right?

Spanish game: 
I've never considered myself a prideful or super competitive person...but this week I have found out a lot about myself.  So- Hna Sheffield and I tried to make a goal to ALWAYS speak spanish to each other outside of the apartment.  This is really always the goal- but never truly functions.  Mostly, because we are still in the US and we contact people in English and spanish and everythign around us is in english- even if It's a town full of mexicans. Ni modo, we decided to make a game out of it. Everytime the other companion says something in English, the other comp gets a point.   Whoever has the most points at the end of the week gets a treat (donut from the DELICOUS donut shop in our area), courtesy of the loser. Let's just say, I have to buy hna Sheffield a donut today. hmmm. Yes, I litttle prideful. She only won by 4 points- and EVERY time she got me right as we left the apartment in the morning- so my mind was still working in English.  She would just be silent for like 5 minutes and then I'd say something to break the silence, and she'd say "HA, Punto!!!"  Little stink. Don't worry I am going to redeem myself this week...:)  but it really is a fun way to improve our spanish really quickly!  

I feel like this is a lame letter, and I apologize. But the work is continuing!!!  And we are a workin!  

Cam- Did you get my letter this week? Hope so, it was a good one:) The story about Cade following Brin out to the bus stop was hilarious! Love them so:)
Perris- thanks for your email and your experience:) Love hearing your stories de Brazil
Mom and Tara and Jame- I missed emails from you today! hope all is well!  love you lots:) 
Al- glad you had a good trip to NYC:)  
Dad- I already emailed you with some questions about taxes and such.  

Aights- Love you all

Love, Hna Lynds Whick

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