Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh Happy Day, 26 March, Week 4, transfer 6

Que Feliz Dia!

Thank you Mom and Cami- I received your birthday packages, but to the insistence of my dear companion- they haven't been opened yet:) I will open them on Saturday night- because there won't be time on Sunday and I want to enjoy them in time for my birthday:)  But thank you for the LOVE!!!  I can't believe it....22 on sunday. That's pretty crazy:)  We don't really have any plans, and a ton of the members in our area are out of town because it is spring break.  

Things here are good in Escondido- I am still struggling to feel as 'at home' here in this ward and with the members here, as I have in the other wards I have served in.  I think partly is beacuse it is just so dang BIG and I still don't know a LOT of people!  But I am hoping that will come twith time.  Hna Sheffield and I just realized that we are in week 5 of 6 in the transfer!  CRAZYYYY   I feel like time went by very slowly when I was being trained...and now that I am on the other side of it- it is just wizzing by!  I hope i can help Hna S learn everything she needs in this short amount of time that we have together!  but we are doing well. We had a couple lessons with M aria and Cochita this week ( maria is probs 55 and her mom is 80) and they rent a room in a little trainer. They are quite hilarious- and we feel much better about them this week after the lessons we had.  They ARE pregressing and their intentions are pure...which was something we were a little worried about before. But they are doing great now:) We are excited for them to get baptized in April. JOhnny- the other person we are teaching that is progressing, hit a road block this last week in coming to church!  We are working with him and hoping he will excercise the faith he already has and is developing into putting what he believes in ACTION and coming to church!  So hopefully that will happen this week.  Our teaching pool is fairly large at the moment, we are just working on continually finding and trying to help those we are teachign progress!  But the work is moving onward!

Oh!  I have a favor to ask of someone. I know that this is super late beacuse my birthday is on sunday- but if anyone wants to get my anything I would really love a  Plan of Salvation Puzzle in Spanish.  We have on ein english on the paino- and I've had a few companions with them, and it is such a GREAT and interactive way to teach the Plan.  Entonces...if anyone feels so inclined that would be sweet. I think you can get them at a webstire like or something. Hna Adams said she got hers for like 12 dollars or something

Well-I don't think I've EVER gotten whistled at- or hollered at more in my life than I have here in Escondido.  Please imagine- A John Travolta from Grease...only Mexican and with a HUGE  handlebar mustache. He started yelling at us as we passed this shop and when we turned around to see What was going on, he saw our anme tags and just goes, " Oh NO!"  hahahahahahahahaha it was so  Funny!  WE contacted them and told them to go throw away their beers...silly people. but it has been an interesting week as far as thioose kinds of experiences have gone.  

This week in our Spanish competition......we tied.   And...I"ve accepted that. I really wanted to win, but there's always next week:)

We also got a flat tire this week- that was kinda fun:)  I was about to change it when our investigator wouldn't let he did it for us.  but itwas funny:)

Dad- thanks for checking on that stuff for me- taxes and school and such. and I will GLADLY take the Pruis when I return:)  I didn't do anything to celebrate my "hump day"...other than proselite!!!  :)   And you can erase the old pics on the memory card before you send it back to me!  Thanks a million! Tell Gma Stones I say HEY:)  
Mom- I couldn't go to Iris' baptism because she was too far away.:(  There isa rule that you have to be in the "adjacent mission area" to be able to attend a baptism of someone your taught, because it would just get too crazy with peeps wanting to go everywhere for everyone's baptisms.  So I was a little sad I couldn't be there, BUT More happy than ANYTHING ELSE!!!  oh how I love her and I am SO happy for her:) Can't WAIT to go back and visit her. 
Jame- sorry you and the fam are sickos!  Hope youall feel better so soon!
Cam- glad you got my letter:)
Tara- Good luck with the Easter talks- and tell Ty he's lookin Sharp in his baseballl uniform!!  
Al- hope wade feels better soon!
Katie- Heard you went to "el Cheapo"!  fun! How was it and who did you go with? Wwrite me girly!  

Aights Familia!  Sorry this letter is so late today- we had a Zone activity playing volleyball and chair soccer this morning. It was super fun, but LONG.  And my legs are sore...I haven't worked out thos e volleyball muscles for a long time...running will be interesting in the morning:)  

Onward ever onward, is what keeps coming to my head!  This is the best work.  Hard as heck, but so completely worth it!  I am really learning so much, and the Lord is shaping me into a better servant and messenger of the truth everyday.  And that is so great!  I am finishing the Book of mormon this week too- from the challenge our mission president gave to us to finsih by Easter- and it is just so great!  The book of mormon is just true!!!!  I have a testimony that it really was written for us in our day and that it will truly help us in whatever is happening in our lives!  The Lord knows what we need- and He specifically gave that to us for us to use! love it!
 Mucho Amor my fam!

- Hna Whicker

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