Monday, March 18, 2013

Hermana Wheeker (oh, like semana!) 12 March, Week 2, Transfer 6 the response to my name by almost every mexican I have met here in Escondido. oh like "week"  Got it, got it. :) It is just funny:)

Buenos Dias Familia!!

What a GREAT week it has been!  Seriously.  Awesome.  This is an awesome area- I'm pretty sure we got 7 referrals last week and we picked up 4 new investigators. One named Maria-  WHO already wants to be baptized!!! Pretty darn sweet if you ask me!  Except she is only here on weekends because she works Mon-Fri in some other city but lives here with her mom (Conchita). They are super sweet. And then last night we had a miracle!  So last week we contacted this dude named Johnny. He just got here about a month from Mexico, and it was one of those contacts where it was really quick and in my mind I was thinking that nothing would come of it, but that we had to contact him because we talk to everyone, right? So we contact him and get his number.  So after a week of trying to set up an appointment with him, we finally got one last night!  We ended up meeting outside of a laundromat with a million people walking by and interrupting us- but it was so sweet because the spirit was SO strong despite all of the distractions!  Turns out he is SUPER PREPARED To receive the Gospel and he already committed to be baptized!  oh happy day!  I LOVE when people are just ready.  It makes everything worth it!  So we are super excited for all this  happenin' stuff.

I also feel like I have been very humbled since I have been in this area. I have never seen so many homeless people- and some of the recent converts here- the just literally have NOTHING!  nothing. And they just faun over us and tell us how we are going to be blessed for our service in so many ways- and all i am thinking in my mind is how I don't need ANYTHING.  I have clothes, I have food, I have a family. I don't have to worry about what I am going to eat next week. And that is the number one worry of a lot of these people. My heart has been softened and I have been humbled. WE are so blessed. So blessed to have the necessities we need. So blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Everyone deserves this message- and we ALL have got to share it!  Seriously. I'm challenging all of you to be "Missionary minded" this week okay? Cause you are going to have awesome experiences that will not only bless the lives of others- but will also bless your lives. I love it.  This is the best work ever. Amen.  

So funny story:  Trying to go visit a member to eat lunch with her. She just moved apartments and we still don't know the area. So we call her and she is trying to tell us the name of the apts. Please imagine: An older mexican woman  who doesn't speak any english- trying to tell us that she lives in . So she tells us and as soon as she hangs up I look at what Hna Sheffield wrote down and compare it to mine. I wrote "Cangles Boots" and she wrote "Congly Bod":)  Hahaha So We drive around trying to find ANYTHING that would have been morphed from "CAngles boots".  We tried Cypress cove, and everythign around us. Anyways- we call her and ask her again, so she tells us and I say "Que wood?" as in What  wood? and she just goes "YES YES that one!".....hahahahaha no help ata ll. but we evenutually found it and it was called "Tanglewood" (proncounced in a span accent: Tahn- glay- wud) hahah we laughed pretty hard:) 

Uggghh. Another food adventure this week. It was Disgusting. Worst thing I've eaten so far on the mission. MENUDO Y PATA DE PUERCO.  Sick nasty. Translation= cow intestine (super slimy and nasty nast) and Pig feet. I nearly barfed. Never again. Never AGAIN! I didn't tell hna Sheffield what it was until after we ate it. She still hated it but, she got it down:) 

There was also a tiny earthquake here yesterday. the first earthquake I've ever felt,and it happened and we both looked at each other and thought it was the garbage truck passing or something- but we found out later that it really was an earthquake!  Crazy.  

I just realized that I hit my half way mark last week!!  That is really crazy to think. REally crazy. I still feel like I just got here. 

Oh also- We just got news that we can now EMAIL Friends as well as family. That policy just changed for our mission!  So AL- if you could put that up on the blog/FB that would be just lovely:)  I would love to hear from some of my friends:)

HAppy Anniversary this week to Mom and Dad:)  How many years of marriage is it now?  I hope Gma stones does well at our house this week! Glad she will get to see Vada and that Terry will get to work on the bathroom in peace:) 

KAtie- Cool that you are gonna get prosthetic ears! I didn't even realize that was in the plan! You excited about it?  

mom - I got your bday package! Thanks:)  Hna Sheffield opened it and said nothing was wrapped so it won't be opened until my birthday:) Except asked hr if there were socks in there and so I am already using those, because I really needed them:) Thanks!

Dad- bummmer that you lost all Rotc funding!  That is crazy!  So did the school cut the funding or the Air Force?
AL- Glad you are having fun in NYC:)  Enjoy!

Jame- How's it like having a boy in the family onw with Wade around?:)  Fun that the girls will get to be around him for a few days! hope Ruby survives his attacks:)

Tara- How are the termites going?  Audge looks pretty sweet shooting that arrow!  

Cam- Are you still freezing up there is Michigan?  It has been quite lovely here!  I hope Porter's finger is doing well and that Cade can get better soon!  YOu're doing a great job CAmillioooon:) Loove you to pieces! How did that visiting teaching apt go that you were prepping for- wherer they didn't understand the need for organized religion? I'm sure you rocked it with the Spirit!  

I heard this quote this week and I really liked it "The Lord is easily pleased, but not easily satisfied."  Truth. He rejoices with us over the little things- but we must continually be doing good!  Once just isn''t enough:)  Thought i'd share that:)

Anywho- love you all!  Things here are good:) The Work is progressing!  Talk to you next week!


Hna Whicker

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