Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Journey Continues, Week 1 Transfer 2, Sept 25

Hola mi Familia!

This week has been a whirlwind of a week in many ways. First of all, it's funny that so many of you said that you  have been sick this week, becuase the sickness made it over to OCeanside too...last Tuesday night I got sick... It was horrible! We finished our naightly planning and I was feeling so cold...and when I got in bed I just couldn't stop shivering and I could NOT sleep.  Everything came on so quickly, I had chills, my head was pounding, my body was sore, and my I felt like there was agiant lump in my throat.  I checked my temp and I had a fever of 102 and basically didn't get any sleep that night! Wednesday was not the best day, but we were able to go out and work, and Sister Cook gave us permission to come in at 8pm instead of 9 so that I could get some rest.  But it was a HUGE blessing, because I woke up Wed morning and I was feeling great! I don't think I have ever been sick only ONE day in my life...sickness always lingers with me. The Lord is definitely looking out for me, and for that I am so greatful!

Ready for a miracle? K. here goes. So this Sunday we decided to fast for our 3 investigators to come to church.  We were super pumped, especially for Christian to come because he is going to get baptized on the 6th of Oct. Our Sacrament mtg is last and we knew that Christian was only gonna make it to sacrament mtg, so we walk into the chapel and not ONE of our investigators was there. My heart just broke right then and there...We had had this BOMB lesson with Christian this week and he read 2 N 31 and 3 N 27 and he was so excited becuase he hadn't realized how improtant of a step it was to be baptized and to come to church, so we thought for SURE he would be there. Anyways, I'm standing there and my heart is broken, my stomach is grumbling becuase we were fasting for that very purpose, and I just was very unhappy....a little bit mad in my heart to be honest. So we sit through SAcrament mtg and watch all the other sets of missionaries with their investigators while we sit there with none. LEt's just say I wasn't very happy by the time church was over.

So I decide to check the phone to see if anyone had returned our calls ( because we had called them all like amillion times) and there it is, a voicemail waiting from Christian. I was being prideful and didn't want to hear his excuses so I handed the phone to Hna K and she listened and called him back.  Ready for the Miracle?? She's talking to him and all of a sudden her sad sad face just flips around and she starts dancing around the room pumpin her fist in the air.  I am standing there in shock, as she tells me what he said, "SOrry I didn't make it to church today, I got stuck at work again. But ya know, Now that I know how important baptism is and how important it is to come to church I know I can't do this anymore. I'm going to go talk to my boss and tell him that I can't work on Sundays anymore, and if he says no then I'm just gonna have to look for a new job..." SAY WHAT?? Miracle . MIRACLE!!! He is awesome. He's gonna be baptized and be so blessed for all of his efforts.  Sweet sweetness.

Other than that, this week has been pretty darn good.  The Lord is aware of each and every one of us and we are so blessed to have the knowledge of the Gospel that we do!  I'm excited that the fam is getting that blog going, and I'm probably going to have to snail mail my contribution in, cause I don't have enough time to type it up! But I'll do that today!

KATE!!!! Oh my sweet Katie. I am so sorry that you have to have another surgery:( My heart just dropped when I read that. What a time you have been through recently...but ya know, no matter what the Lord has in store for you, just remember that the Lord never gives us anything that we can't handle. I've been learning that lesson myslef these past few months. There is a reason for all that is happening, even though you can't see the end result yet, there is a reason!  It takes a leap of faith to trust completely in the Lord and do what he wants you to do, but there is no better person to trust in and lean on for support that our Saviour Jesus CHrist!  He is there for you Kate, even when you feel devestated and dread what is going to happen. He knows. Lean on Him.  Just remember Fear is the opposite of Faith. You got this in the bag girly! Just take it one step at a time and know that the Lord is in control. Keep your chin up and be strong:) Thanks for being so strong and being an example to our whole fam;)  Love you so GIRLY!

Mom, I got the memory card thanks! Al- I got the scripture case and it is perfect! Thanks!  Jame- tell Ella that I love and miss her too! GLad you got the honor of playing "me" in their play the other day:) Tara- you have bunnies? Funfunfun! CAm- hope you all get better soon and you can catch uop on rest. DAd- hope  your leg is healing well and quickly!

Love you all!

-Hna Whick

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