Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Down, Sept 18-Week 6, Transfer 1

Fam Damily!

Today begins the start of my second transfer. Can you believe it? 6weeks here in Oceanside...seems like a lifetime yet at the same time seems like I've only been here a week. This morning I was thinging back on the last 6 weeks and all that has happened. I realized I am really good at comparing myself to others...which is something I really shouldn't be doing...especially when I compare myself to my trainer who has been on her mission WAY longer than I have. All too often I only see my faults and where I am lacking, but I oftern fail to recognize how far I've come.  I want to understand and communicate so badly- I get frustrated with myself. But then I think back to the first week I was here and I could hardly catch a full sentence that anyone was saying.  I remember thinking the first evening here in Oceanside- we were walking on the street trying to contact people...oh man I just remember thinking to myself...."Oh man, Oh man...I REALLY hope no one is outside walking tonight!" I was SO uncomfortable..and now I just walk up to peeps and start talking. Even if I can't understand everything that they are saying--at least I can walk up to them and start talking:)  Anyways, just thinking about what has happened these past 6 weeks.

Well let's be honest.  I've been discouraged here in this area. WE have had very few investigators, and we end up dropping all of them very shortly. Jacqueline, the one investigator that we had at the beginning of last week, told us on Friday that she didn't want to learn anymore- and that she was very content being Catholic. She was very sweet about it, but everyone has their agency, and no matter how much I want to change her decision--I just can't. 

BUT- this week we found a Golden Investigator. IMagine that...they really do exisit!! His name is Christian and he is flipppin awesome. He has a baptismal date for Oct 6th and he is SO prepared to receive the Gospel!  It is amazing, and quite refreshing. We taught him the plan of salvation on Saturday and he was just so into it-all the questions that he asked led directly into the next point of the lesson and we we checked for understanding at different points during the lesson he would be like "Well from my understanding..." and then just be exactly right about everything. Flippin awesome.  The Lord knew we needed a miracle, and we needed somethign to keep us going here. Because we both just feel a little lost here. We are working so hard, but we just aren't seeing any fruits from our labors...I guess I just need to be more patient. Well, not I guess, I know. Patience is always on my list of attributes to improve on.

Yes Mom, we cook more than I expected here. If any of you have any simple easy, delicous meals (that aren't pizza, baked turkey sandwich, stir fry, or pasta) that you'd like to send my way that would be great!  Mom- if you can print that email you sent to me this week withthe recipies on it and mail it to me that would be great, becuase I don't have access to a  printer:) Sorry that you are feeling so under the weather Mom, that can't be much fun.  There have been SO many people sick here...which is interesting becuase it has been so dang blasted HOT! It hit 106 the other day...oh man it was horrible. That is very rare temperature for here- and my face was very pink that day...from heat and from the sunburn.  But,we are surviving!  Hoping I don't catch any of this sickness that is going around! Man- that's a bummer that the freezer went out- but deliciousthat you made strawberry jam-jealous:)

Katie! Can't believe you got a warnign ticket...haha that is quite hilarious! DAd said to tell you about my first ticket... but I've never been pulled over before. I've had my fair share of parking tickets from the dear Provo Police Dept, but I've never gotten a speeding ticket or anything. What was your warning for? Speeding? I couldn't open the attachment DAd sent to see.

Tara- glad you are safe and that you didn't get any more damage from your hydroplaning incident!
Jame- I got quite the giggle out of picturing Ella running around with her pockets loaded with rocks and having her pants fall to the ground everystep becuase of the weight! Hilariuos!  That pic you sent of Ruby is adorable! What a beaut she is going to be...that little sparkle in her eye is so cute! Ali- Brennen is home already? Wow- I feel like he just left...time is such a weird concept here! Cute pic of wade that you sent!  Cami- loved your letter! Thanks for sharing all your experiences! 

WEll I've got to go, but I sure love you all! Hope you have a great week this week!

Love always,

Hna Whicker
 Food! This is the haul we got all in one day! 2 mangos abag of chips, 4 sodas, and a package of cake. All from members.
 Us Being Silly!
 We are loven our delicious pizza!
 Me in all my glory!
Our District! Squatting: Elder Hammer (Zone ldr), Elder Perez(District Leader), Elder Armstrong(ZoneLdr), Hma Bauserman, Hma Jones, Elder Thompson(fromHurricaneUt), Hma Kohrman & Me.

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