Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Living the Life--3 July Week 4 MTC

Hello familyyyy!

this week has been a good one.  It started off a little rough- I just kept having all these neagtive thoughts coem into my mind...and it was very discouraging.  But Luckily I have an awesome compainion that I could talk to about it.  I know that I am here and am doing what the Lord wants, and that Satan knows how importnant this is and doesn't want me to be here.   I was ready my scriptures and I happened to look at a scripture in D&C 38:7.  It said, " Behold verily, verily, I say unto you that mine eyes are upon you I am in your midst and ye cannot see me."  What a comforting thought.  It was exactly what I needed and I was so greatful for the comfort.  People said I would experience the Highest highs and lowest lows on my mission...but I guess you never really comprehend that until it actually happens.  I always feel so ELATED after teachign a lesson, but then there I times when I just am low.  But it is just fine, because I know I am doing the Lord's work and He has specifically ME to do His work and share His gospel and it simply isn't about me anymore.  It is about serving the people that the Lord has called me to serve....and I just don't matter. So I am going to sptop thingk about myself and go to work!

WE had a bomb lesson with Cesar this week! It started out quite hilarious due to a spanish comment(whcih I will share in a moment...), but the Spirit was there so strong and it was just aweseme.  I am learning to be more Bold in declaring the word.  Quote of the week "You can be as bold as you are loving".  Truth.  I need to work on that. I am normally just say everything nicely and make it not a big deal because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but we must be Bold BEACUSE we love them.  This is their salvation at stake, and it is pretty darn important....so I am working on that.  Eduardo is doing alright. I tend to get more frustrated with him beacuse I feel that we explain a principle to him so clearly and tell him exactly why he needs to follow it, but then when we clarify with him and have him tell us why back... he never knows. It is just frustrating and we need to work on having the spirit with us there. I think the problem is that when I get frustrated I just want to keep talking and explaining-but Eduardo needs to be the one talking.  We will be working on him a lot this week.

I also set a goal to learn 1000 vocab words by the time I leave the MTC- that means memorizing 30 words a day.  Hard. But aawesome.  We are speaking more spanish than ever and are improving. I keep pushing for speaking spanish only...but I think it'll be another week until I can get my comp around to that Idea.  It is fun. Spanish is awesome. And frustrating, and sweet, and fun, and infuriating all at the same time. But great:)

Okay- now for the funny story.  So We knock on Cesar's door and he opens it and looks like he is about to fall over dead asleep.  Keep in mind that "Cansado" means tired and  "Casado" menas married....SO I say "Hola Cesar!! Como esta??? Usted casado?"  Cesar nods. "Oh pero usted no esta casado ahora porque nosotras estamos aqui si? Okay- Here is what I was tryign to say, "Cesar, are you tired?" he says yes "Oh but you're not tired anymore now that we are here right?" But what I really said was "Oh are you married? Oh that's okay, you're not married anymore now that we are here right?"  hahahahahahahahahah it was sooo funny! Our teacher was crazking up afterwards...and he totally knew what i meant and it was nice to have a good laugh.

Life here is good. It is constantly smelling like a camp fire outside because of all the smoke from the fires. So that is kinda  a bummer, but it's all good. We are all REALLY sad that the temple is closed...big bummer. But we think we'll be able to go the very last week before we leave the MTC so that'll be nice.  We had an awesome fireside on Sunday night.  Ted Gibbons came and did this role play...he was pretending to be Willard Richards, who was Brigham Youn'gs cousin and a dear friend of Jospeh Smith.  Man he basically quoted all of his journals and I learned so much about Joseph SMith and the events that preceeded His death.  The spirit was so string it was absolutely amazing.  WE closed by singing  "PRaise to the Man" and man, the spirit hit me in the face likea ton of bricks.  Tears were streaming down ever face, and the Spirit testified to every person there the Joseph Smith really was a true prophet of God. He WAS called to restore the Lord's church on this earth.  I know that will every fiber of my being.  I know that he translated the Book of Mormon through that power of God and that it truly is the word of GOd.  This work is so awesome. I love it. Hard to believe that on Saturday os my half way mark at the MTC. Craziness. 

Ah time goes by so fast here! Email time just whizzes by.  I would REALLY like a family foto peeps.  Ali is the only one that sent me any and I can't even show my comp my full family.  I also need everyone to send me their addresss in a dear elder please so I can get them asap. If you could do that today that would be awesome so I can send the letters I write (I can only write and send on tuesdays). I normally check my email around 10am, today it was a little earlier though.  Cam- I couldn't open the video you sent me;( but the pic of porter was cute!!

I love hearnign from you all! I was a little b ummed at frist becasue I didn't get any letters this week, but that's okay because I had a ton of email when I came in todday.

HAppy belated birthday dad!!! I remembered, but I couldn't write you until today. So since you are in TX (Or will be soon) I really need Tara's home address so I can send you a card.
Mom- I can't believe you ywisted your ankkle!!!! Oh no! 
I'm glad that everyone is diopng well on the trip down to the Harts!! 
Ah time is up, but I love you all and Can't wait to hear from you.

Love! HErmana WHicker!!!

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