Saturday, July 14, 2012

Congratsss! 10 July-Week 5 MTC

First of all Congrats Audrie on your Baptism!! You need to write me a letter and tell me all about it okay? Wish I could have been there, but I heard it was awesome! So happy that you made that wonderful choice to follow the Savior and be baptized!

Things here are great. BOTH Eduardo and Cesar have Baptismal dates which is basically a miracle in and of itself. WE still have a lot to help them progress with, but I am so  so excited for them!  We had a seriously awesome revelation session in Class on Thursday night.  The Spirit was so so Powerful! The whole district was in tears-- we were all trying to hard to do what the Lord wanted and listen to the Spirit to guide us in the direction that the Lard wanted us to go.  Immediately following the class Hna Lythgoe and I taught was a VERY humbling experince. We had made a lesson plan earlier that day but after our little revelation seession, we had thought of so many ways that we could go...we went in not knowing what we were going to teach but relying wholly on the Spirit. I honestly don't  even remember what we said other that laughing becuase we knocked on the door with bloodshot eyes and it was hilarious and awesome at the same time. The Spirit was so strong...and I know Cesar felt it! That is when he agreed to be baptized! That really is the only way to teach. We had discussed baptism with him before, but he wouldn't do it becuase he had already been baptized as a baby. No matter how many times we explained to him about authority, it didn't matter.And this time we didn't explain ANYTHING and he aggreed because we testified from our hearts and the spirit did the rest. Seriously awesome experience.  I Want it to be like that everytime we teach!! Soo soo cool!

I don't remember what day of the week was the fourth of July, but whenever it was we got out of class early and had a special program. It was pretty cool. Then we all got Magnum bars afterwards and got to watch the fireworks that went off at the Stadium of Fire. It was fun to do that, but weird at the same time. We are always on such a tight schedule here, we all felt a little like we were breaking the rules...but it was great anyways:) 

Last night we had an unwelcome surprise...The fire alarm went off at exactly 12:47am. Talk about a rude awakening. Actually, I ignored it for the first minute becuase I thought it was my rommate's alarm...yes it really sounds that loud and obnoxious... and i couldn't BELIEVE that it was 6:30am already! So I am laying in bed still, not comprehending anythign that is going on. until a minute later I finally get up and realize what is happening. My bed is the closest to the door and I look over to see that my fellow roommate is reading the "What to do in case of Emergency" paper on the door, that basically says exactly one thing:  Evacuate! Haha it was so funny because she was standing there reading it for like 2 whole minutes! But anyways, we evacuate...not very fun...especially when you have a very full bladder and all the other buildings are locked. So just imagine 300 sister missionaries standing outside in the wet grass for 45minutes...and then imagine me and all 5 of my rommates laying on the asphault, all sprawling out and sleeping. It was hilarious. I wish one of us had a picture of it. But I mean seriously, you treasure every SECOND of sleep when you are a missionary. And we needed it:)

WEll the Language is coming along well. One of my favorite parts of the week is TRC where we get to go teach member volunteers a short lesson. and just LOVE it. it is so inspiring and is just a confidence booster.  The Spirit is always so strong. Life is just great. Yes, there are still hard times, and things don't always go the way I want them to, but I know the Lord is giving me the exact experiences I need to become the missionary He needs me to be. I seriously can't believe I am in my 6th week at the MTC.  only 4 more weeks left! Ahhhh I can't believe it. It makes me excited and nervous and antsy all at the same time. Love it. I know the Gospel is true and that Heavenly Father truly loves us and wants to experience joy in this life on earth. I know that the only way to experience the FULLNESS of that joy is through living the Gospel of Jesucristo. Es una cosa maravillosa! Love it!

Anyways, I am glad you are all enjoying Texas so much! Cool that you got to go to the Space Museum. Funny that it was raining and storming when you took the tour... I vaugely remember that happening when we went there before a few years back.  Funny. Dad- I got your talk and I have never heard that stroy that you told about the little Argentine girl. What a cool story and experience to hear. I can't BELIEVE you didn't see any aligators at Brazos bend!!! There were a million the day we went in Feb...maybe it was just too hot for them. Too bad, that was a fun experience. Cami- glad to hear that you are feeling better about Porter and his health. Hopefully that little guy will be able to gain some good weight this week! TEll Brin and Cade and ADelle hat I love and miss 'em. Oh and YAy for ADelle for being such a brave girl at her Doctor's appointment! I love You all!! Oh Iand I am excited to get that family picture book! Can't wait until it arrives!! Tara I got you fam pic too, love it! Thanks for all that addresses AL! KAte- can't believe you had an allergic reaction to your medicine! GLad you are aokay though. Gma Whick, I got you letter too. I'm going to try and respond today!!

One thing I would like if you can- it some sheet protectors. I have a binder for all my letters that I have gotten, but all of the papers are ripping out and they don't sell sheet prtectors in the bookstore here.

Well time is too short yet again. I love you all and I hope you all travel back safely to your homes!


Hermana Whicker!!!

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