Thursday, July 19, 2012

17 July; Week 6 MTC

Hola mi famila!

What a wonderful week this has been. Seriously, so joyful and lovely, life is just great. There are still discouraging moments at times, but it is amazing and I love it! Cesar gets baptized this Saturday....AHHH I am so excited for him I just can't wait.  We were talking to our teacher about how we were doing in our lessons and he said that this is the farthest anyone has ever gotten him in the MTC (and he has been working here for 2 years!!) I was seriously shocked!  That means we are progressing and learning to rely on the Spirit...because let's be honest, that is what has made the difference between our progression with CEsar and Eduardo.  The Spirit and Love. REally. I just love Cesar so much, and we have been struggling to feel that love with Eduardo, but we had a break through last night and it was awesome! Love is in abundance when the Spirit is there. REally and trulyy. So lovely.  One scripture that I found this week that I REALLY loved was in 2 Cor 9:7 "For God loveth a cheerful Giver" How true is that? Oh man, that definitely helped me get through soem moments this week when my attitude what the best towards the Elders...whoops:)

WE also get the opportunity to go to a missionary workshop every week

Sorry, I thought I mentioned that it was L Tom Perry that spoke that one week for Devotional.  It was pretty darn sweet. 10 of the 12 apostles were there (Minus Hales, and PAcker, and the First Presidency). His talk was not what I expected at all...becuase I was hoping for this powerful BOOM of uplifting words of encouragment about missionary work. I mean it was great, but it was all about statistics and the a presentation of "Missionary Work in the 21st Century"and this "Prezi (it's like a whacked up powerpoint presentation)  about informing pwople about mormons and what we do . It was pretty cool actually.  WE alos had the Most amazing Fireside on Sunday. Jenny Oaks Baker came-- she is a worl famous violinist that got her master's degree from Julliard, and who also happens to be the daughter of Dalin H Oaks. Cool huh? Anyways, I'm pretty sure that was the most amazing experience of feeling the Spirit through muisic I have EVER had. She shared her musical testimony and man was it powerful. I encourage you to find some of her music. She closed with "I know that me Redeemer Lives" and by the end of that s ong she was playing 2 strings and harmonizing with herself on her violin. ABsolutely amazing and breathtaking and powerful. Love LOVE LOVED it. Wish I could listen to it all over again

Today WE GET T CLEAN THE TEMPLE!!! Wahooooooo I am so excited:) WE go from 4 hours, but I am so excited! I've never gotten to do it before I it'll be a great experience I think!  ALso, I'm a little surprised that I am still Coordinating Sister...President Dittmar said that they usually only keep us in for 3 weeks or so and then switch it up, but I guess we haven't even had any new sisters come into our Zone since we arrived. So I'm excpecting that change soon.

HAhaha so in RS on sUnday we had the most hilarious speaker. She talked about being lady like and it was great, but soo funny. Her advice was to always wear lipstick, because it detracts from you nose (hahahaha) and to never plop when you sit down in a chair. We also need to "Glide" as we walk in the hallways and descend the stairs (I had SEVERAL movie quotes pop into my head when she demonstrated that one...anyone guess what they are?) Oh and laslty, we are not supposed to EVER give high fives and fist bumps to the Elders, because it is simply not ladylike. AHahahaah the whole time I was just giggling because it was so hilarious. Alll the Sisters are always laughing as we walk down the stairs becuase we catch ourselves " bobbing" when we are in a ahurry, and that is simply unnacceptable;)

Glad you all got the Pictures! Al- you described it perfectly in  your email about the head stand. So Hna Lythgoe LOVES to do all the time. It is quite humorous actually and one night she wanted all of us to try it. I TRIED to warn her that I am NOt Coordinated at all...litlerally, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. hence you received that picture of me right after attmepting to do a headstand and falling over IMMEDIATELY. WE were all laughing uncontrollably and I was trying to justofy myself by saying I told you so through my laughter. oh the good times.

Dad- YES I got the picture book and it is AWESOME!! Love love love it. And it lokos great, no duplicate pics and captions on all pics. So sad to hear that you are selling the plane! Glad we got to have some good times in it though. Now maybe you really can teach president Henderson and be his private pilot;) haha that would be funny. oh you also need to tell me where Malea Moody is going on her mission please!

Mom- Coool that we are getting a new bishop! Seems like Bishop Nelson just got put in though, but you'll have to let me know who it is! Oh that is so sad to hear about Sister CArter! Hope she is doing well, I will pray for her.
The line in Dad's email about you being sad that the whole letter was in Spanish made me laugh, only beacuse I could picture your face so clearly! Glad you all made it home from you trip safely! I believe I have gotten all of your postcards finally! That was fun to get mail almost everyday:) Mom- will you ask Gma Stones net time you talk to her if she got my letter to her yet?

Al- Congrats on yous sale! So sorry that you had such a bad return trip home, but at least you made it there safely!  So jealous that you got to go to Lin's bridal shower! That little stinker hasn't written me back yet....I don't even know her wedding date! TEll her to wrtie K? I'm excited to receive you letter in Spanish and see how well I can read it:) 

JAme- Glad you and the girls got to go to TX with everyone, but it's a bummer that they were sick on the way back. Also, so sad to hear about Adde's chicken:( So many tradgedies with animals lately...) I also got all of your postcards too! I really loved Ella's line that said " I love." Hahaha made me giggle!
CAm- yes I got you letter through DEar elder! Glad Porter is doing better and that you got to sleep in so late! Awesome. What a darling picture of Porter ttoo that you just sent ! Love it

Tara- hope you are recovering well from all the Peeps at your house. Bummed I didn;t get to hear from you this week, but I hope all is well there!

KAte- sorry you are still not feeling the greatest, but everything will work out if you just have faith in Jesucristo. Es la verdad. Love you tons, and I would LOVE to hear from you more! Mucho amor!

Ah I am out of time again! Love you all and I'll try to write and hand written letter later, but I might not have time today because wer are cleaning the temple!   LOve you all . The church is true!

-HErmana Whicker

sorry just realizedI left an unfinished line in the middle about missionary workshops.. sorry I'll have to telly ou about that later. much love!

-Hna Whicker

(Lynds and her companion praying in the exact same position, unbeknownst to either!)

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