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Crazy life--26 June 2012 Week 3 MTC

Hola mi Familia!!!
This has been quite the week here at the MTC.  First of all, can I just say being sick as a miissionary is not all.  but I am feeling MUCH better as of yesterday and today. I went to go see the Dr at the health clinic and he sent me to the BYU health clinic to pick up some was wierd.  We felt like we were escaping the MTC and I guess I kinda forgot that i really was still in Provo.  I have walked that street to the temple so many times it brought back many fun memories of my freshman year! fun fun.  Also this week is the new Mission President Training seminar, and apparently there have been a million apostles here everyday for that but I still have yet to see any!  They keep them so well hidden and protected that we aren't even allowed in certain buidlings this week.. But tonight they changed the time of the fireside from 7pm to 4 pm, so that is a hopeful sign that we will get to here from an apostle or prohet of the Lord! I can't wait.  So so great.

WE started teaching our 2 new investigators last week (both are our t eachers), sorry if I wrote this last week, I can't remember and don't have enough time to read through my last  email.  Our first lesson with Cesar went AWESOME.  seriously, the Spirit was so strong! It is amazing the love you can feel for your inestigators...I was amazed! Mostly beacuse I already knew this person and that he was pretneding to be someone he really wasn't...all in all a Fake, and yet I could feel the Lord's love for him s o strongly it was amazing. Our other lessons with Eduardo haven't been quite as powerful, and he is a hard person to read. But hopefully we will start making progress with him soon.  It is great.  Misssioniary work is hard, but it is so rewarding.

Oh haha, funny story.  So in our lesson with Cesar we were teaching him how to pray, and at first he was Super reluctant to , but we ooffered to say the a prayer first and then have him follow with his own.  WE had the little pamphlet with us for him to read the steps of prayer if he forgot dduring it.  So My compainion says a prayer, then Cesar begins.  He starts saying "Dear Heavenaly FAther, express the feelings of your heart.  Ask the Lord if the missionary's message is true.  Pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true.  In the name if Jesus Christ, Amen." About half way through the prayer my comapnion and I realize he is reading the steps of prayer verbatum from the instruction pamphlet and it was SOOO funny.  My companion started busting up and could hardly control herself.  CEsar (our teacher) was trying sooo hard not to get out of charcter, but he failed.  It was all I could do to keep my laughter subdued and say "Oh Cesar, that was so great, but maybe next time instead of reading the words exactly as they are on the paper, use your own owrds and really talk with your Heavenly Father." Oh so funny. Best moment of the week. I will never forget that!

WEll today is the last day we get to go to the temple for a month, because they are closing the temple for cleaning starting next Monday. I was pretty sad about that, I look forward to the temple on Pdays SO much. It is So uplifting and I ,love it.  But we will get to do it one last time the week before we leave the MTC so I'm grateful for that. \

Mom and Dad- Favorite scripture right now is D&C 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."  Sorry There were only like 10 pics on the card I sent home, there just isn't a lot of time to take pics and I figured you;d like to see some more than none!  I also got the package and the sock s are great. I also love the cards and the tank tops, thank you so much, they were much needed!Thanks for the shirts too, I probably will end up sending some home before I leave because I have a ton with those and the ones Ali sent. That is cool that you get to go to Girls camp will Al and AKte and Wade! Jealous!  Girls camp was always awesome and brings back tons of find meories!  Love love love. But really, tell Katie she needs to write me.  This is ridiculous, I STILL haven't heard from her! Oh I heard I am a face book celebrity! I took a pic with my friend that teachs here and I guess she put it on facebook. My real teacher (hno Herman ) came to class one day and said that there were a million comments on a picture of my on fb...and that someone named 'COL' was writting them all. It took me a while to remebmebr that Dad's fb name was Col Glenn Whicker.  Haha is =t was pretty funny!

Ali- I got your package too and the skirt and shirts are great. they fit perfectly and everything, it's like it was inspiried;)  Glad you are getting to spend time with the fam down in SG.  That pic of wade flying through the air in the pool is soo darling.  What a cute little fart. I can't believe it is almost July and P only will be done soon.  Time really has flown here and I am just about to start my 4th week. Craziness.

Cami- Got your pic of Porter in the mail....what a cute little bugger!! Gladd you are getting a new family in your ward and get some support! Hopefully you and the wife will be great friends. glad the kids are doing well though! Sorry about the sickness, that cannot be fun:(

Jami- I did get your letters, but I sent that letter to you before I got them. For some reason they were really delayed.  But I am glad you and AJmes got so celebrate your 7 year anniversary! Can't believe it's been that long!  Congrats t o you both.  That story you sent about Addie was heart breaking and hilarious all at the same time.  That poor little baby quail! I could just picture her doing everythign you said exactly in my mind!  Tell addie and ella that I got the letters and pictrues they sent with Ali! TEll Ella that I 'Love her muchly" too!!  Addie too:) That is awesome that Ruby is crawling! So exciting! Did she pick a name for her chicken yet? So glad addie remembered to put thiose slips of paper every where for her to crawl to:) Hahaha that was awesome!

 Ahhh time alwasy goes way too fast when I am emailing!Tara, I got your email too, sorry I am out of time and can't respond! I love you all sooooooo much and love hearing from you.    The church is true and htatis truely his work.  Love you all!!

Hermana Whicker!

PS: Linsey Shumway!!!!! I will be writing you a letter immediately after I send this !!! Congrats to you and Stephen on you engagement!! love you soo much and I expect pictures sooon:)  love your face.,

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