Thursday, June 21, 2012

What a Week--19 June, Week 2 in MTC

Wow, feels like it has been a month since I last wrote.  Time is such a funny concept here i n the MTC.  A Day feels like a month, A week feels like a day, and yet at the same time I feel like I've already been here a month even though it's barely been 2 weeks!  But I guess it's because I have probably ;earned as much as I would have in a month as I have here in 2 weeks! 

WEll unfortunately, I'm sick:(  Elder Hilton in our district got the sniffles and throaty not-goodness last week and it has just been spreading around our district. It's kind of impossiblenot to get what your district members have because you are in a 12x12 room with them all day long:) I woke up the morning before yesterday with a very swollen throat and a stuffy nose. Yesterday was the worst of it, but thankfully today was P-day and we didn't get up early to go work out and I had an hour to get ready instead of just 30 miinutes. So it was REALLY nice to have a nice long hot shower and I am feeling much better. Plus I have plenty of medicine, and I know the Lord will help me get over it quickly.

This weeek has been much better than last!  I've definitely still had my moments, but everythign seems normal to me now and I am doing just great.  We have taught 6 lessons and just started learning how to do door contacts. and yes, MAteo did turn out to be our other teacher.  I learn so much here and it is zwesome.  Still have a ton to learn though We door contacted a new investigator yesterday (Cesar--one of our teachers;) and my compainion and I were the only one to get in/get a return appointment out of our whole district!  Everyone else basically got the door slammed in their face. Even though we definitely have a lot to work on as far as door contacting, I was pretty darn proud of hermana Lythgoe and myself!  There have been a few funny moments in lessons where our teacher just starts busting up laughing and we have NO IDEA what we said that was so wrong in spanish!  I wish I knew so I could tell you guys, but at least it makes for a funny moment:)

We seriously have to most awesome devotionals here.  Elaine S Dalton came to speak in RS on Sunday and it was so SWEET!  She is the one that I went to a fireside with and that is when The spirit told me I needed to serve a mission, so it was really awesome to hear her speak. She spoke about the verses from the song "Savoir Redeemer of my Soul" and applied it to missionaries.  The spirit was so strong, the whole congreation was just in tears the whole time.  "NEver can I repay the Lord, but I can love thee like you word. Then let my lips proclaim it still, and all mylife reflectThy will"  It just doesn't work when we think aboutourselves, we have to alwasy look outward and serve others! No matter what we do we can never repay our SAviour for what He did for us, but we must do our best to! WE'll never meet his requirement, but we have to do what we can!  Sooo so great.   We also had Sherri Dew speak for the Sunday devotional and that was dang good too. I love having the Spirit surround me and fill me all the time it is just so uplifting and awesome.  She spoke about the gifts of the Spirit and all the many blessing that we have.  WE are so blessed.  So so blessed.  We have the Gift of the Holy ghost to be with us ALLTHE TIME if we are worthy of it!  And we have the gift of the Atonement.  SEriously. So blessed. 

 Another scripture that I found this week was in Alma 18:32 " Yea and he looketh upon all the Children of men, and he knows all the thoughts and intents of the heart, for by his hand were they all created from the beginning"  Love that.  He know exactly what I am going through EXACTLY. And he loves me soo much.  He loves You too and he knows exactly what you wnt and what you think.  THat is just so reassuring. He loves us.  Amen

HAppy Belated FAther's Day DAdd-io! I sure do love you so!!! So glad youliked the bolo tie, it was a pretty sweet one:) Sorry about the email mix up, I just got so excited and was furiously typing that I got the addresses wrong. Pretty sure they are right this time...I'll double check before I send it! 

Cami- that it hilarious that you keep calling Porter WAde...hahaha it just makes me giggle everytime.  And that picture of ADelle, sosososo Funny! I was cracking up when I saw it. What a hoot.  Love you and thanks for the letters you sent last week

Tara- I got Audrie's baptism invite in thee mail- way cute!  All the elders in my district said they thought she looked more like a 10 year old than an almost 8 year old;)

Ali-  no mannequin yet, but we did have to go to 2 presentations on modestly and heigiene but it was all powerpoint presentations. Now that the have the missionary clothing guidelines on the website I don't think they use that anymore. Oh and was the girl that gave her farewell talk in you ward named Brittany and have long pretty dark hair and is an ELED major at BYU? Pretty sure it is, we both got our call within a week of each other!  So cool that she is in your ward:)  And yes, I got the pictures you sent, thank you sooo much!  they are taped on my closet!

KAtie- so glad you are doing so much better and that you get to go to youth Conference!!  So fun! Sorry about the tail bone news, but let's be honest, we always knew you had an issue with that anyways;)  haha love you lots!!

I haven't gotten the package someone said they were sending yet, but I just got a message to go pick one up at the mail room, so whoever it is from Thanks!!! 

Dad and mom- so cool that Malea Moody is putting her papers in, Ilove that girl!  She'll be an awesome missonary! That is so fun that you guys have been swimming so much, I'm jealous! Mom I don't think you should worry about an iron, they have one here and If I need one when I get in the field I can just buy one.  Also, Don't send the clack long floor length dress anymore,....apparently that isn't allowed...too long. Buymmer, I really wanted that one. ohand dad,  all I know is that my phone was in the cvan when you dropped me off..sorry I can;'t help more with that.  ahh 30seconds left!  Love you all and talk to you soon. Thanks for being the best family ever and supporting me so much!!

Love, Hermana Whicker

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