Sunday, June 17, 2012

12 June--Week 1 in MTC

Hellloooo Familia!

So Tues is my P day!  This week has been a complete whirlwind!! I mean, people told me it was going to be hard, but I didn't realize just how hard it would be. I was just always like, well school is hard and I got through that pretty well and it wasn't too bad, but this is so completely different. This is seriously the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life! but it is great! 

First off I am now the new Coordinating Sister, (sorry if my writing is horrible, my english is suffering already and we only have 30 min to write). I feel a bit overwhelmed with that because I am brand new and don't know what I'm doing yet either, so how can I help my new sisters?  But luckily, we don't ahve any new sisters coming in this week, so by next week hopefully I'll have things figured out.  My compainion, Hna Lythgoe, is great. She struggles quite a bit with the language though, but we've been able to work well together in the 3 lessons we have already had with our investigator.  Our first lesson with Mateo was on Friday evening, the 2nd full day we were in the MTC. Man, talk about a humbling experience. It wasSOOOOO  intimidatiing and hard, but we have improved at the language and teaching already in just the short amount we have been here.  And last night Mateo agreed to come to church with us!! IT was awseome and I was so filled with joy for him even though I know he isn't a real investigator.

There are 4 hermanas( hermana Adams, Garner, lythgoe and myslef)  total in my district and we are all going to Carlsbad CA. I also room with them and they are great:)  There are 6 elders in my district too and 3 of them are also going to Carls CA and the other three are going to Tulsa, OK Spanish.  They are fun, sometimes it is really easy to get annoyed with them becuase they are quite immature at times, but mostly they are great and fun. 

the language is coming pretty well.  I would probably say I have the most background in Spanish of all of us, but we are all learning quickly. This is already been quite the emotional roller coaster for all of us in my district.Having high highs and low lows, but luckily we all feel those emotions at different times and we can buil;d each other up when one is feeling down and another if feelign elated.  My teacher is Hermano Herman and he is great.  WE have a nother teacher, but we haven't met him yet, but I 'm pretty sure he is actually "Mateo" the investigator we are teachign right now.  But we'll see, we are supposed to meet him this week.

Mom and DAd, yes I did see the Forts on Sunday, they said they had been looking for me all week b/c one of their sons got and email from DAd or a Fb post saying you had just dropped me off at the MTC.  They are going to the phillipines and are only here for a week.. They immediately recognized me and wanted to know how the famaily was and to tell all of you hello from them!

WEll I just want you all to know how much I love you!! This is really hard, but I love it...most of the time anyways;)  Glad to hear you are all doing well!  Yes, Ali I got your package and CAmi I got your letter. I also got all the Dear elder letters! I feel so loved, and I'm pretty sure I have gotten more mail here than anyone else in my district.  Oh I am in a 3 some until WEdnesday (started on Monday) becuase Hna Mulliner's comapnion left on Monday and she doesn't leave until Tom morning.  It has been nice to have her around to kinda show us the ropes, becuasxe she has been here so long!   Thanks for the letters Fords they were great! Also Tyler, your it was good to hear from you too, glad you had a great week with your friend Ammon;) Love and miss you guys!

We have had some AWESOME devotionals and aI"m so excited to go to the temple today.  THey have all about been forgetting yourself and going to work, and I am READY!  I can't wait to get better at Spanish and better at listening to the Holy Ghost when I am teaching so that He can be the teacher and not me.  I know this gospel is true and even though it is so hard, I know the Lord will prepare a way for me to accomplish what he has called me to do!  It is quite the experience and is definitely something I will never forget. I just want to share the good news of the Gospel so that others can have the same knowledge and blessings that I have gained from it all my life! I love the Lord and am sooo grateful for my SAvior and his atoning sacrifice! Love you allsooo mucha nd can't wait to hear from you next week! 

I can't remember what else I was going to say and I am down to one minute on the comp.  Love you all:) 

Love, Hermana Whicker

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