Sunday, July 14, 2013

18 June "Lovlinesssss" (Week 4, Transfer 8)


It's been a good week.  Interesting, but good. We picked up 5 new investigators this week and one of them was super miraculous! This sweet girl named Brenda who is 19 and gave birth at 16 was just bawling as we talked about how Heavenly Father knows her and she was just so sweet and great. She prayed and sweet and simple prayer and the spirit was just so strong. Beautiful.

The interesting part was that I don't think I've even been so ' bashed' on in my life as I have in contacts this week. Satan is talented at twisting the truth into something else and confusing people. One teenager that got baptized right before we got here has now decided that there is no need for 'organized religion' and that the bible is the only thing we should ever read. He is just getting information for everyone (cousin, father, friends, internet) and it is all cloggin into his brain and is quite sad actually. Especially because he Had the truth in his hands...but he;'s letting it slip away. We are working with him, hopefully the spirit will be able to touch his heart again

Tiredness has improved. I think I just need to accept the fact that I'm not going to be alble to rest until I get home.  but the Lord has helped me out this week;:) 

Well this is the end of the leg for Preident Cook. I am sad that he is leaving. I know the new Mission President will be great, but it will just simply be different. We are having 2 tranfer mtgs this tranfer because of it.  So next tuesday we will know what mission we will be in. (pretty sure I will stay in Carlsbad) and then the tuesday after that we will find out if we are being tranferred within the mission we will be in. They still haven't given us all of the information yet, so we will just go with the flow as it is figured out.

I am excited about the broadcast though- we don't know the happs with it yet, but it's suppoed to be something big. So we shall see. Someone predicted that they were going to change the mission for girls to 2 years...and someone else saiud they were going to open up China.  but really I have no Idea- but I am anxious to find out!  

I can't remember if I already told you all this, but everyone in our ward calls our companionship "Let's Go Weekend!" b/c they can't say "Lythgoe" so they say  Hermana "let's go" , and then they just add "weeeker" which they translate as "weekend"  :) hahah it makes me laugh every time.

Ali - I have no Idea who Mr ANderson is...or anything about beekeepers....but that's funny about your dream:)  Hope little Hank comes without problems tomorrow!!!! I am excited for pictures! 

 Love you all! time is up as ususal!  THe church is true! Happy father's day Dad! hope you got my card in the mail before you left! 


Hna Whicker!!!

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