Sunday, July 14, 2013

2 July, 2013 "Grandparenthood :)" (Week 6, Transfer 8)

So many Changes

Katie is getting ears right now? Her little nubs are going to be gone? I didn't realize that! That's exciting but sad at the same time...:)  Her cute littel nubs.  And she's going to hair school now? Cool. I didn't even know she was interested in that! What made her change her mind from Vet school?  That is exciting! 

Things here are good. Lots has happened this last week.  last week we had our "Goodbye" Tranfer mtg and we got to hear from the Cooks one last time...and see what was goig to happen for transfers. Hna Lythgoe and I are still together- but our area is being split- which basically means we get to whitewash again, whithout the titiel of "whitewashing":)  BUT we had a fun little surprise at the mtg. Hna Sheffield (my 'daughter' in the mission) is training!! Which means that in about 2 hours I will be a greandmother! And she's whitewashing into Vista (the area we just lost) But because her new missionary doesn't arrive until today, she got to be in a trio with me and Hna Lythgoe all this last week:) It was actually quite enjoyable and we had a great time togehter.  SHe lucked out- becuase we spent almost all of our time in  her new area ( picked up 6 new investigators!) and she had Us to show her around - the area ,the members, and the investigators.  she's a lucky one! That never happens!  So it's been fun:)

The mission officially split yesterday! And The Cooks left yesterday too.  Today we have a our Transfer mtg where the new missionaries arrive and get their trainers.  We have luck because we got invited to go and observe!  So we get to meet the new mission President and his wife today:) We are excited.  I am still in the CArlsbad mission- but there is now an Irvine Mission!  So when I come back to visit I'll have to visit 2 missions! BEcause all my peeps in Mission Viejo are in Irvine now! 

WE have a car share we are tryign to get our hands on some BIKES!! because our areas aren't too big- but big enough that we need another mode of transportation than feet to be able to get to all of our appointments.  So...that will be an adventure. I am actually kind of excited about it, it wiol be a new adventure.  Skirts and Bikes. But fun:)  I'll send pictures when it happens. I am goign to need to by some spandex or something....otherwise we're all going to be flashing the world:) And we wouldn't want that...!

It has been SO SO hot this week. Like 95. Which isn't 104, but it has been suuuuper humid.  WE often feel as if someone just misted us with water and then it just makes our clothes heavier and our hair grosser...haha I'm sure we have been quite the sight to see this week:)

As far as this whole technology thing goes for the missionaries: they will be implementing it little by little starting in only a few missions. We were told that that will beging within the next 6 months and that nothing really will probably be in place or up and running until about a year from now. So I'm not sure if any of that will even effect me while I am in the mission field.  But yes- I think Ipads and Iphones?  I have often thought many times to myself that the whole "area book" thing ( where ewe keep all of our records of investigators, potiential investigators, less actives, recent converts etc, would be SO much more efficeint online!  So maybe they'll eventually take it that far! 

YEs mom I got the shoes thank you:)  Glad you get to be with Al and the kus fam and with little Hankers!

CAm- that;s a bummer to hear about the house falling through;(   but You're in the Lord's hands, and somethign will come up- in exactly the place you need to be! 

Tara- Fun celebrations! sounds like everyone in the familiy went on a fishing trip this week! Ya know I don't think I've ever been fishin in my life! ACtually, that's a lie. I might have gone once with Gpa Stones and Kyle...I remember that I couldn't put the worm on my was too gross:) Haha I 'll have to redeem myself one of these days! Tell Ty I say happy belated birthday!!

JAm- Fun that you got to go to girls camp!!!  I have such fond memories of girls camp:) ACtually I was thinking of that just this morning. every morning that we wake up it is just sticky and cool. ( we have no A/c just a fan in our window. and I remember feelign exactly the same way when we would camp in VA. Glad you got to go:) As far as celebrating the Fourth of July I have no idea what we will do.  Probably nothing. I don't think the ward is having a party or anything- just on the 24th for pioneer day.  But we'll see:)

Al- Glad Hank is doing so well! Good luck finding a house and packing and all that Jazz:) 

DADDIO__ Happy birthday!! your card will get put in the mail today!  Glad you had a fun celebration and got to go to your HS reunion and such!  Love you sooooo!

Sorry I haven't ahand written anyone in what feels liek's been a little busy:)

WEll that's all for now! Love you all

-Hna Whick

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