Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleepy... (11 June, Week3, Transfer 8)

Well Mom, you hit it right on the head in your email...  I feel absolutely exhausted ALL of the Time.  I am having trouble functioning.  I feel like I have been SPRINTING for the past 3 weeks non stop and I am just so tired.  WE had to give 3 trainings (like big mission trainings)  this week and we've been on 2 exchanges in the last 4 days and we have 2 more in the next 4 days.  There has been sooooo much packed into this week that I can't even remember what has happened. Other than that our poor area is suffering. We have 2 investigators...none of which let us come over this week for one reason or another and we picked up 0 new. SOrry I havn't told you much about this area...that would mostly be because not much is happening:( We are trying. and Working, and running. and working, and EVERYTHING. but nothing as of yet. Our numbers were horrid last week. I was so embarrassed to call them in. But we are doing the best we can.
As far as info on STLs ,President said we were one of the first ones implementing the program...so. It's good. Basically we have STLs over the spanish sisters and  separate ones over the englsih ones.  We go on exchanges once a tranfer which each of our girls and we talk about goals, improvements, strengths/weaknesses and just try to excite them for the work and help them do it better:) It has been great so far- very beneficial to the girls.   As far as weaknesses...well other than that I am utterly exhausted, there aren't really other downfalls. WE get to go to the mission leader council once a month and talk about goals and trainings that are going to be given and give our advice and counsel.  So it's good.
Got to go to Mauricio's baptism this las Saturday and it was so great:) He was so excited that I got to go!  Oh I love tha kid. It was  avery spiritual experience and was just so great!  AND Alfredo (the men who told us he would NEVER wear a tie) was wearing a TIE and he SPOKE at the baptism. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love them both. Pictures attached. 
WE went to the temple this morning and it was great. Stresful to get there as our district leader called us last night and asked us who we were riding with...when we were under the impression that we were riding with the same member they were...so we were scrambling to get a ride last night at 9:30 for a 7am departure the next morning. It all worked out, but I wasn't very chipper abou it all. Then we almost missed the session due to EVERYONE arriving 30 minutes late to the church. But we made it- so that was good. And it was all worth it! I love the temple.
sorry I haven't written anyone in a long time...there literally hasn't been any time. But hopefully next pday Ill have a little time to breathe.
I saw someone from Katrina's ward in Kaysville at the SD temple today. That was fun:) The weather here is just beautiful. It is a lot cooler here in Vista than in other areas Ihave been in becuase we get a nice ocean breeze (well everywhere except Oceanside).
WEll I'm out of time. CAn't wait to hear about the birth of little Hank!
Sorry to hear about the Prius...but no worries, that's fine:) All is well here...just need to catch up on some sleep( which quite honestly will never happen...but it's a nice thought:) . Love you all a lot!  Good luck house hunting Cam and Tara with the 8 kids!  Mucho amor.
- Hna Whick

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