Sunday, July 14, 2013

24 June "!!" (Week 5, Transfer 8)

Bet ya didn't expect to hear from me today huh? We have to write today and get numbers in by noon today for some technical reason because of all the new missions that are being created. So here I am:)

Well here we the week that our mission splits...and I am sad to see it happen.

This new Mission president thing is hard! I know it will only bring  good things, but I am just going to miss President and sister Cook SO MUCCH!! They are so great- so so great. I actually got a blessing form him yesterday and it was just so beautiful. He remembers Grandpa Stones too! Good old Boyce at the TExaco used to work on  his car:)  He is such a great president and I was so blessed to be here when he was here.  Mom and Daddio- the Cook's homecoming talk will be in Logan the 14th of July at 1pm. The Lundstrum Park 2nd ward- 1260 N 1600 E Logan. He said it was by a big park, and I'm sure that Mom will know exactly where it is:) But you should go! Becuase they are just great. You will love them. 

Transfers....Hna Lythgoe and I are staying!!!  But...our ward is getting another set of missionaries...which means our area is getting split... So before we had 3sets and now we have 4 and we have to change all the areas....which basically means that all of our area that we Had is now going to the new sisters and we have OTHER basically we are whitewashing again....Yup.  For some reason this alwas happens to me.  4th time'd think I'd be used to it by now:)  But it's good:) just sad to lose some of the people we just started forming relationships with. but we'll still see them at church and stuff so it'll be good.

We picked up a family this week which we are excited about...familia Pulido.  It'll be a long process of change for them:)...but they are great!  We also found a golden...his name is ALfredo!!! (there's just something about that name and finding golden investigators:)  BUT we are bummed because we have to give him to the new sisters that are coming in....which is fine, but we are still a little sad.  And we were told that we are going to have a car share! Haha we are going to have to get used to that! I've been so spoiled my whole mission at having our own car. 

The Work of Salvation! Pretty sweet huh?  I saw the Hendersons on the screen:) That made me smile!  I love them.  When does Sarah leave for her mission?  the broadcast was GREAT! Loved loved loved it.  Actually it just affirmed how much our ward here in Vista is lacking!  Oh sometimes it s so frustrating....but the Bishop is the leader and just is a little bit prideful.  There are just some things that  we do not agree a goal of 108 baptisms in a year.  Which is a great goal...but is COMPLETELY unrealistic for this area. We had a meeting with him the other week about the ward mission plan, and basically after about 2 hours of discussion and of trying to figure out what he wanted from us as missionaries to try and reach goal... he just told us to go and pray. And that's it. Anywho we are excited for this broadcast and to implement it in our ward:)  Also the news about being able to use the internet and such...that'll be interesting and Cool!  And the Church buildings always being open for tours...sWEEET! Although I have never been asked that before on my mission. I've given lots of tours to my investigators and such, but never been asked. But that'll be so great! And all the focus on MEMBER work!  I love that.  Quite honestly, it is ALWAYS so much more succesful when a member refers a friend. and Even if they weren't referred by them, when the member takes an active role in their conversion...friends, phone calls, invites. Itjust makes so much sense, but it's just not always eas to do it on the members part. 

HANK!!  congrats to Ali and Per and the Wadester! Those pictures were darling!  Nice touch with the red nails in the hospital AL:) Glad he arrived safe and sound and healthy!!! in that last picture that you just sent of his profile, he looks just like ali!  Super cute.!  Thanks to Per too for his email last week!  You will be out of there before this next transfer ends!! That's so crazy! 

Cami- when ais your moving date? I just can't remember! Darling picture of Porter:) Such a cutie!

Jame- ella is stripping down into her bathing suite in the library!?? haha when i  read that it made me laugh out loud:)  Glad all is well there!  have fun on your cabin trip!
Kate- sad that you got sick at EFY, but glad you got to go!! I love EFY.. such good Spirit and learning!  So great!

The fam sure responds quickly! In the time I wrote and told you I was writing 45 minutes ago I've gotten a letter from everyone except Tara...pretty darn good:) We make the saying proud of being "quicker than a whicker!!!"  :)

WEll I love you all! It has been a great week here, beautiful weather with some unintentional sunburns:)  But I have sunblock mom ( so no need to send any:) was just on a day we weren't expecting to walk so much!   I love you all. Really I do!  Couldn't have asked for a better family!  I hope you aLl have the best week ever and I'll talk to ya'll next week!! Con mucho amor!!! 

-Hna Whicker24

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