Saturday, April 13, 2013

9 April 2013, Week 6, Transfer 6

Gma- We haven't gotten the mail yet this week, so I still can't tell you if your check has arrived. It's transfers week so we don't get mail until Wednesdays. SO I'll for SURE let you know next Tues if it arrived or not:)  

Time is sure a flyin' here in Escondido. One transfer has already passed and it's amazing to see how many miracles have really happened.  Maria and Conchita are...okay.  They will not be getting baptized this weekend, but hopefully in the near future. Nothing major happened, they just need some more time to prepare before they make this big covenant with Heavenly Father. 

We found a family this weekkk!!!!! Wahoooo we are super excited about it.  They didn't commit to a baptismal date but it was a miracle find. We were just walking down a street a few weeks ago and there were these 3 kids playing in a front yard, so we went to talk to them. They told us we could come back-which normally happens with children, it's usually just a problem when we really do come back and the parents are home and they completely reject us. Happens almost everytime. BUt we still went back, half expecting the same thing to happen again....BUT to the contrary. The mom immediately let us in and the dad even got up form his nap ( this is a big deal...this NEVER happens)  and we did the first lesson. It was great!  We are super excited about them, they are just very kind and loving and don't have much experience with any source of religion, but they believe in God. We are going to see them again tonight, and we are excited!  Saul and Rosalio are their names and their sons Brain (9) and BRandon (3). Pretty great stuff. 

General Conference was SO GREAT!! I just wanted to sit there after it ended and listen to it all over again!  It was fun to see in the Satudya afternoon session a few friends of mine in the choir:) Brought back lots of memories from college and was kind of a smack in the face that life is still going on without me there:)  Haha, but it was so beautiful. I just love conference. Talk about the themes of missionary work, virtue, and Obedience. Sometimes I think I go into conference expect some grand new doctrines that I need to learn-- but it is ALWAYS focused and a call back to the basics. the basic princples of the Gospel- FAITH, Repentance, BAptism, gift of HG, and Enduring to the end. Everythign goes back to those things.  Really- everythign we need to do is simple. So basic. But sometimes it's those simple basic things that are the hardest.  May we ALL apply what we learned. I need to be more obedient. Obedience brings blessings. EXACT obedience brings miracles. 

We have this member in our ward- her name is hna Montecinos.  Basically she is a full time missionary.  Rockin.  she talks to EVERYONE about the gospel, has no fear, and just love s it sooo much. Oh how I hope I can be like her when I am no longer a full time missionary!  Let's all "Catch the Wave" like Elder Nelson said.  Love it.  Mom and Dad, When are you guys going go on a mission? It's comin up pretty quick huh?

I was sad to hear that Elaine S. Dalton got released a Gen YW president. I really love her. She speaks so powerfully.  She was the one who was speaking at a fireside at BYU when the spirit told me I needed to serve a mission. 

Alfonzo and Reina ( our blind investigator and his mentally challenged wife) came to a baptism this Sunday. It was say the least. All in all I think they felt the spirit...despite the fact that when Reina stood up to leave her pants fell down.... it was quite sad.  But we fixed the problem quickly and she didn't even notice- so all is well.  

Kate, I'm sorry but I do not understand what I am supposed to be doing with the letter "E" for this art project you are doing.  Please- someone elaborate and fill me in? All I know is that the deadline to have it in is by July 10th:) 

Cam- lucky duck that you get to go out to Utah :) Jealous that you will all be having a sisters retreat this weekend!!!! How fun will that be? Enjoy yourselves lots okay?  And tell CJ I say congrats!!!  Love you all.  

Jami- so glad that you are going to be making a "Tinkerbell"movie! Haha that was so funny when we made the Rapunzel one:)  How generous of Addie to offer me the top bunk when I get home! Love them so. I can't promise I will live there, but we can make another movie when I get home!  And as far as the bake sale goes, somethign easy to do would be chocolate covered pretzels. Just put a bunch of pretzels on wax paper and melt some chocolate to drizzle over them. Super easy and fast.  You can sell then by the little bag, by the handful, or whatevs.  Hope you have success and that it help out little Zach.  

Tara- Sorry you coulnd't read my handwriting. that is suffering as well as my spelling...just trying to say too much too fast:) Congrats on the "Screening' call back for Audge. That's GREAT!

Mom and Dad- love you both. That is all:)

Time's up!  Love you all.  Until next week!!


Hna Lynds Whick

P.s. 2 pics. 
#1: Me and Hna Sheffield matching one day (it was our companionship unity goal for the week.;)
#2: Our Zone! 

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